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Frequently Asked Questions


Photography: Chynjah De Lain Co.


Photography: Chynjah De Lain Co. 

1. Do you have custom packages?

I do not offer custom packages except for floral services. I do have my four different packages that meet each Bride's need for a planner! I like having simplified packages so you can pick the one that fits you best. I also do not have any hidden fees within these packages which makes it easier for you as well!

2. Do you travel outside of Dallas or Texas?

Yes! I love doing weddings all over Texas! I also would love to plan weddings outside of Texas! I would require reimbursement for travel and hotel stay. 

3. Do you have more than one wedding booked per weekend?

I don't work more than one wedding in one weekend since I am there for 15-18 hours! I want to make sure I have enough energy at each wedding so I only take one wedding per weekend.

4. Do you do florals for the weddings you plan?

Yes! I have done florals for weddings that I was also the planner and for weddings where I was not. I have also done bridal bouquets for bridal shoots as well!

5. When should we book a planner?

You can book a planner right after you get engaged! If you are looking for full service planning, it is best to book as soon as you can since I usually book couples 12-18 months out. This allows for me to work with you for the entirety of your planning process!

6. Will you help us find a venue?

Yes I will! I love finding the perfect venue for each couple! It is so much fun being a part of the early stages of planning since I can help shape the vision the bride and groom have for their wedding day!

7. Do you have vendor recommendations?

Yes! I have a list of vendors that I love working with! I will share this with any couples who books with me. You are not restricted to this list so you can book any other vendor you would like!

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