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How to Make Sure You Have the Best Detail Photos!

Photography: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

Detail photos have stormed the wedding industry as they are timeless, stunning, and they show off all of the little details that brides have put so much thought and energy into on your big day! Detail photos are some of my most favorite photos from weddings because they show so many sentimental pieces of a wedding day that can get overlooked. There are so many gorgeous detail photos on social media. You may be thinking how can you have the same level of amazing pictures for your details but you don’t know where to begin. I am going to share with you how to have the detail photos you desire!

Here are my tips on how to have the best detail photos!

Photography: Leah Jeffers Photography

1. Look up different types of detail photos

There are so many different styles of detail photos: bride details, groom details, invitation suites, florals, vow books, and so many more! Find the type of styled detail photos you like and share them with your photographer. You can even look through your photographer’s past detail photos and find some examples that you would love to recreate. If detail photos are important to you, then consider each photographer’s detail photo style before you decide on which photographer you want to hire.

Photography: Angela Lally Photography

2. Narrow down the most important details that you want pictures of!

If your main focus is your wedding bands, florals, or your invitations let your photographer knows this so they can focus on the details you want the most! Make sure to send these over in an email so your photographer has them. **Pro tip: Most photographers send out a photography shot list to you a few weeks before your wedding day so you can let them know then when they send this over to you. Send pictures that you love from other weddings so your photographer has a good idea of the direction you want to go in!

Photography: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

3. Make sure you have the right props for your photos!

Some venues have really cool tile, stone, marble, wood, or other textures to take your detail photos on. If you want something different make sure you bring a tablecloth with the color you want or talk to your photographer about the types of backgrounds they may have available. Our photographer had this cute gold tray, antique scissors, and a blue fabric spool that paired so well with our details! You can also make sure your florist has extra flowers for your photographer to design your detail photos with. Another way you can make your detail photos stand out is to purchase some extra fabric pieces like a cheese cloth or ribbon to bring in some different colors or textures. Some brides have even brought in really cool pieces like geodes, mirrors, metal rings, acrylic signs, wooden name cut outs, and so many more ideas. Bringing in the different textures of your wedding will make your detail photos stand out even more! **Pro tip for fall brides: bring in some of the leaves that have changed colors to add to your florals (make sure this is okay with your florist first!) for your detail shots.

Photography: Leah Jeffers Photography

4. Get a cute ring box

This may sound silly to get another ring box but hear me out! There are these super cute felt ring boxes that you can use for your detail photos and you can get one in your wedding colors and have them put your initials on it. They are so beautiful and they bring a felt texture to your photos and really show off your rings! A lot of jewelry store boxes are black or won’t match your wedding colors so having a box that does match will allow your photos to really stand out! I have seen some cheaper options for these boxes from Etsy.

Photography: Lacey & Lee Photography

5. Make a list of all the items you may want in your detail photos

A list can be super helpful just to make sure you have all of the items you want in your detail photos. Here is a helpful list for any bride!

· Bride and Groom rings

· Invitation Suite

· Name Cards

· Veil

· Bride’s Shoes

· Bouquet

· Perfume

· Ring box

· Hair Piece

· Something old, new, borrowed, blue

· Earrings

· Necklace

· Bracelet

· Garter

· Vow Books

· Tablecloth or other background

· Cheese Cloth or other fabric

· Ribbon

· Tray

· Any extra stationary

· Anything that is engraved

· Champagne flutes

· Cake cutting set

· Extra Flowers

· Wedding Favor

For Groom Detail Photos

· Ring

· Tie

· Jacket

· Shoes

· Socks

· Cologne

· Pocket Square

· Watch

· Cuff Links

· Boutonniere

· Vow book

Photography: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

6. Be creative!

Think outside the box of what you can use in your detail photos like your personalized ink stamp, wax seal stamp, confetti, rose petals, vintage stamps, fruit, personalized wedding desserts, pocket watch, or even smaller pieces of your décor like a candle or lantern. All of these items can really take all of the details of your wedding and show them off!

Photography: Leah Jeffers Photography

7. Invitation Suites

Your invitation suites are beautiful, cohesive, and a small look into the vibe of your wedding. Bring two of each type of card so that your photographer can take pictures of both sides. Also remember to bring one set of your invitations put together in the envelope the same way you sent them to your guests (wrapped with ribbon, wax seal, etc.) so that you can get a picture of the whole invitation package. You can also have your envelopes labeled in a pretty font to make the envelope stand out. **Pro tip: Make sure to consider the stamp you put on the front of the envelope, you don’t want it to clash with your wedding colors!

Photography: Angela Lally Photography

8. Be Prepared!

On your wedding day make sure you have all of these items in a box ready to go for your photographer because these will most likely be the first photos they take when they arrive. Make sure your Groom also has his items ready as well! Your planner can make sure that they have the detail flowers from your florist. You can even label the items that are your something old, new, borrowed, and blue so that they make sure to capture that picture. Make sure to bring your original ring boxes too so that you can give your photographer your rings in the boxes and they won’t get lost or damaged!

I hope all of these tips help you with your detail photos and how to make them stand out! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Katelyn Madden

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