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The Best, Not Boring or Overdone Wedding Favor Ideas!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I am guessing that you have figured out your color palate for your wedding, your flowers, your centerpieces, and of course your dress! But what are you going to do for your wedding favors???

We have all seen the personalized coaster sets, the match box saying “The Perfect Match”, and of course the mint boxes with the “Mint to be” sticker on them. You are a unique bride who wants something different to thank your guests for coming to your wedding. The only question is how to find (or make) a great wedding favor that is not overdone, boring, or impossible!

Here are my top favorite, unique wedding favors! These will for sure wow your guests and you will have a lot of fun with them too! A good trick to figuring out the perfect wedding favor for you is to think about all of the things that you and your fiancé enjoy together whether that is flowers, coffee, music, a certain season or holiday and incorporate that into your favor. Your favor is a little piece of you and your fiancé that your guests get to take home with them to remember your special day!

1. Handmade Candles

This idea is one of my absolute favorites because I am doing this for my own wedding! My hubby and I love candles so we decided to make our own. It’s super easy and you can go and pick out your own scents which is fun. You can even personalize them more with a sticker for your wedding. Use a cute glass jar, votive, tin container, mason jar, tea cup, coffee mug, or whatever matches your wedding theme. All you need is soy wax, a container of your choice, wicks, and your scent and then you are good to go! Here is a tutorial:

Photography: Lacey Nicole Photography

2. Handmade Ornaments (for our Christmas Brides out there!)

These ornaments are sure to go over big with your guests as they can go home and hang them on their own Christmas trees! For this favor you can either make the vinyl decals yourself if you have a Cricut or you can purchase vinyl decals from Etsy to put on your ornaments.

I have made these before for a Winter Wonderland themed wedding (pictured above!) and it was so much fun! We had a Christmas tree that we hung all of the ornaments on and guests got to pick out their favor. Then guests could place their gifts for the bride and groom under the tree. I got the big pack of ornaments from Hobby Lobby that are plastic and do not break. For the ornaments covered in glitter, cover them with a few layers of Modge Podge or Epoxy then apply the vinyl so it will stick!

3. Baby Succulents (or your favorite potted plant)

Lately I have seen a lot of couples giving guests seeds for their wedding which is a cute idea! I think we can go a step further and give your guests a baby succulent or your favorite potted plant for them to take home. This brings in a lot of your personality and theme especially if you are having a garden-themed wedding!

4. Personalized blankets

Are you having your wedding outside in some of the colder months? Give your guests some blankets to cuddle up in so they can stay warm during your ceremony! You can get your wedding date and names embroidered on the blanket or use heat transfer vinyl. Make them match your wedding colors for some extra fun ceremony pictures. Place them in some cute baskets near the entrance of the ceremony for guests to grab on their way to sit down!

5. Your Famous Homemade Recipe (spices, sauces, jams, coffee and more!)

I came across this idea and I love how personal it is! Do you have a recipe that your family loves and that your friends look forward to? Something like a homemade jam, spice mix, sauce, coffee grounds, or salsa? Make a huge batch of it, fill up some jars, put a personalized label or sticker on it, and let your guests enjoy a treat that is handmade with love. This can also work with baked goods and treats!

6. Flower Domes (for our princess and Disney themed Brides!)

These are so CUTE! If we have any princess brides or Disney lovers out there, you will for sure be with me on this favor. They are little flowers in glass domes like in Beauty and the Beast. You can personalize the flower and even put frosted glass on the dome if you want to make it even more whimsical. These are called Cloche or Glass Domes. Let your guests bring your fairy tale wedding home with this timeless and magical favor!

7. Cocktail Kits

Why not give your guests a favor to continue the party with these cute cocktail kits? There are different kinds for Moscow Mules, Old Fashions, and Bloody Mary’s to meet each of your guest’s drink delight!

8. Handmade soap (for our practical bride)

For the bride that wants to give her guests a favor they can use at home, why not make your own soap with your favorite scent? It will be fun for you and your guests! You can garnish it with lavender or your favorite flower. Especially with a global pandemic happening right now, your guests will appreciate a bar of handmade soap. You can even call it your Soap Bar!

9. Vases with a DIY Flower Bar (for our flower goddess Bride)

I planned a wedding with a flower bar and everyone loved it! All of the guests got to pick their own flowers and their vase. The flowers decorated the guest tables more and each guest got a little centerpiece to bring home with them. If you are a flower goddess bride and want to be surrounded by more flowers, give your guests a flower bar as their favor!

Side Note! If you have a florist for your wedding they will most likely require you to purchase the flowers through them. Make sure to check with your florist.

10. Tambourines

I live in Austin which means bohemian, tribal themes are in! If you are on board with this trend then this favor is for you. Supply your guests with tambourines to use throughout your wedding day. They can shake their tambourines when you are pronounced husband and wife in your ceremony, during your grand entrance into your reception, or for your exit at the end of the night. There are so many ways to use this musical favor!

11. Homemade Bath Salts

If you are the kind of bride that needs to relax after your big day then give your guests this option too with some fun scented bath salts! You can even take some for yourself on your honeymoon. Put them in a cute jar with a label showing the different scents. (This would also be a great bridal shower favor for you MOH’s out there!)

12. Mini Painted Pumpkins

Where are my fall Brides out there?? Fall has so many fun themes like golden leaves, berries, acorns, plaid, cozy sweaters, a warm cup of coffee, and of course, pumpkins! Mini pumpkins are so cute and are very versatile especially for weddings. You can paint the pumpkins with glitter, to have an ombre effect, or even leave them white and orange. Paint guest's names on each of the pumpkins and have them sitting at their place seating for extra fall decor on each table. So many ideas with pumpkins!

13. Coffee Kits

I don’t know about you, but I am a coffee girl! If you are like me then give your guests a coffee kit. This can include your favorite roast, some sweet syrup for flavor, and maybe a cinnamon stick or chocolate gnache ball for some extra sweetness. If you and your groom have different tastes in coffee then have a bride and groom kit for both favorites. To add another fun twist to this favor, have the coffee beans in a personalized mug for your guests to enjoy!

14. Sand or Sea Shells (for our beach Bride)

If you are getting married on the beach, then get cute vials or jars and fill them up with sand and decorate the outside with sea shells from the beach you are getting married at. You and your groom can keep some too as a memento from your big day. Guests will enjoy your tropical theme and get to bring some of the sands home with them to reminisce your wedding day!

15. Mini Bouquets

For my floral queens out there, how would you like mini flower bouquets?? These are adorable favors and will give your guests a fun favor to last. You can even decorate each place setting with these irresistible mini bouquets to make them pop!

16. Tea Kits

For my tea-lovers and avid book readers, having these delectable tea kits for your wedding favors is a must-have! You can include your favorite types of tea, a cute tea cup (if you want to bring in some extra charm) and even a personalized stirring spoon with cute sugar cubes. These will be a great favor for your wedding day.

17. Wine Corks

If you are having a wine-filled reception let your guests bring a piece of that home with a signature wine cork! You can add your names and date to the cork and guests can use this at home with their own wine nights.

18. Geode Pieces

For our modern and trendy brides, here is a favor sure to wow! You can get geode pieces and either paint or use vinyl to put each guest’s name on the pieces. You then can use these at their place setting. I love this idea for modern weddings and they look amazing in pictures!

Get Geode Pieces from Etsy Here!

19. Tree Cookies

All of you rustic brides will appreciate these adorable tree cookie favors with candles or your wedding date and names. These will leave your guests feeling your woodsy, rustic theme. You can also paint on your names and wedding date or use a calligraphy pen!

Get Etsy Tree Cookie Wedding Favors Here!

Another option from Etsy for Tree Cookie Wedding Favors!

20. Rock Candy

Another trend for more modern weddings are rock candy! Especially if you are having one of those gorgeous geode cakes, these sweet favors will compliment your modern celebration nicely. You can purchase them or make them yourself and add a cute label to show each of your yummy flavors.

Which one of these adorable and unique wedding favors is your favorite? I think any of these ideas will wow your guests and you can enjoy them too. I hope your wedding day is a wonderful day and guests will enjoy their little piece of your wedding they get to bring home with them!

Lots of love!

~ Katelyn Madden

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